According to professionals, if the battery and charging system is available in genuine condition, then you will be surely able to run the car properly. You will able to start the car within five or six seconds. A person can park for more than one or two months without dying the battery. Whether you are using a BMW or Mercedes, then the battery will die within two weeks.

The engine is providing a proper current to complete system like lights, ac, and radio as well. It would be quite difficult to predict battery life.  You will find batteries are always producing complete electricity via chemicals reaction. All you need to run a car to recharge battery properly.

Chemical reactions are generating a proper current that will able to run the complete system like audio, air conditioning, and others. In order to know how long to run a car to recharge a battery, then you should consider the forthcoming essential points properly.

recharge the battery

Consider Technician

It is highly recommended that you should jump-start the frozen battery by making contact with a professional technician. It would be better to drive a car to charge the battery. You will able to charge the battery at idle speed. It will take almost one hour to recharge the battery.

A lot of systems are out there that comes with an idiot system that shows the two states. If possible, then you should leave a car running to charge battery.


If you were facing any complicated problems while recharging the battery, then it would be better to consider then jumpstarted would be a reliable option for you. You will able to drive a car to charge the battery properly. If you are using an old car, then you will not be able to charge the battery at idle.

Therefore, it would be better to hook the cables into the battery. After that, you will able to run the air conditioning and other systems properly.


Choose alternator

According to the researchers, a vehicle’s alternator is considered as one of the best options that will able to maintain the condition of the battery.

In addition, you will able to charge the battery of a car within 20 minutes.  In order to charge the battery properly, then a person needs to access almost 1000 RPM that is important. After that, one can charge the battery in a limited time.